About Me

Bevan van Druten

Ever since I was very young, I have been fascinated by nature and especially bird-life.
Living in the Garden Route means that I’m close to both my passions.

I have been collecting driftwood from the river estuaries and forests for about ten years now. … Some pieces of wood are natural works of art.

I assemble the driftwood, using only wooden dowels, and create birds, such as Blue Cranes, Eagles, Pelicans and Herons, several fish, and many other African animals such as life-size impalas, kudus, rhinos, giraffe, meerkats and gemsbuck. It’s amazing what you can build and create with Nature’s leftovers!

Please refer to the article: “Wood for the soul” – available on this website below ‘Exhibitions’ – for more information about me. My sculptures have been shipped to clients all over South Africa and as far afield as California, London, France, Germany and Sweden.