Driftwood sculptures; Stone sculptures; And: Organic: Pendant lights, vases and pots , manufactured from ‘Sisal Wood” (a.k.a. ‘Agave Americana’s’ and ‘Garingboom’ in Afrikaans).

Feel free to browse around this website to find out more about the unique ART; created with skill, creativity, ‘persistence’, ‘stamina’, and L.O.V.E.    All available for Sale: for your Home & Garden. (Driftwood sculptures ‘benefit’ from some Sun protection; Driftwood changes ‘color’, to a more ‘silvery-shape’ otherwise, over time. All stone art can be enjoyed Inside & Outside.)

For a unique experience: Please come visit our studio, located in ‘The Lakes’, Wilderness.
Please phone + 27 (0) 44-8821017 in advance to schedule your appointment.

" The EARTH without ART = ' EH'  (Source: Facebook)